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Terms and Conditions
Model is granting Sad Riot the worldwide permission to use and publish the Photographs, in whole or in part, with or without alterations, for any legal purpose, public or private, commercial or otherwise. Model’s payment in exchange for this release is limited to that set forth in this Model Release Agreement Sad Riot will not provide any additional compensation to Model based on commercial success of use of any of the photographs. Sad Riot owns, and will retain all copyright interest in, the Photographs. Model has no ownership or intellectual property rights to the Photographs. SAD RIOT WILL NOT assign or sell rights and information provided in this Model Release Agreement to a third-party.
We at Sad riot understand how valuable your time and modeling skills are and though We would love to be able to pay you in cash for your services, alas we are still in the early stages of our brand and will only be able to provide payment in the form of product at this time. In exchange for the releases given above in this Model Release Agreement, Model is being paid the following compensation: 1 Logo Sweatshirt, 1 Logo T Shirt, 1 Hat or Beanie, 1 Lapel Pin Set or 2 pins. Models will also be given a unique 30% discount code to use for any purchases. If model wants to purchase a garment that they are modeling for a shoot, garment can be purchased on site at cost.